Saturday, April 07, 2012

Piggy Bank, Dragon, Go get it !

Today, 7 April 2012 (Saturday) - How are you getting on ? Hope you are well and everyone is fine at home. I miss you all but I can't see everyone all at once.

I just got back from a fengshui audit of a condo at West Coast. The lady client said to me that she liked to read my blog (that was before she met me in person)(Ahem) .......she said many things to me but there was one thing that she said that caught my eye and that was : that my blog was very "wen sin" (sincere in english ? or having a heart ? ) I leave that to you, readers to interpret. Thanks, sweetie ^_^

As for those who asked me questions here in this blog, please bear with me for a while....... while I get used to my 27inch Mac Pc before I reply, ok ? thanks. I have never used a Mac before and this is my first time trying it and hopefully I can understand how to use it. (I got a new IT Toy !) ;)))

Feng Shui Blog, Singapore  - Thank you to my clients who wanted me to help give a list of baby names for their nieces or children etc. Indeed this year, there is an increase of babies born ^_^

There was a day when someone asked me to help give a list of baby chinese names and this baby was still in the ICU unit. I did the baby bazi and gave a list of baby girl's chinese names. My heart was all soft for her and hope that she is well by now. I told the client who came to ask for baby names that this baby has a lot of "qui ren" (helpful people)  so she would be fine. I have done so many baby chinese names before but this is the first time,  it was such a special case and my heart goes out to her.

Relationship between couple : Many of us do face some difficulty in understanding relationships and every time anything that goes wrong, it is important to note that : it is always our fault first and then learn to understand the situation and help make things better,  the next time.

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip : If you are born in the Dragon year, try to buy a piggy bank, shaped like a Dragon and put coins into this piggy bank. when the Dragon coin bank is full, it means that your money is "pa pa" (full). Only this year, you can find a piggy bank, Dragon so please search and buy one this year, ok and fill it up.

The same applies to all animal signs born : the piggy bank represents you,  so put many coins in the piggy bank and make it full, then your luck will come. So if you are born in the Rat year, buy a Rat piggy bank and fill it up.

Above all, always have a kind heart for everyone even people whom you do not know. Your kindness will come back to you, one day.

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joanna said...

hi master, i think the word for "wen sin" should be "warmth" or "sincerity" :)

there is a sense of warmth in your blog, very real and informative ^_^