Monday, June 25, 2012

"Water in SE brings knee cap problems"

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Fengshui Queen SG tip : Real, Running water is the most powerful stirrer of Qi.

Real Running Water can also stir good wealth Qi or negative Qi like sickness.

If water is placed in the South East Sector of the house, usually family members especially ladies will end up with knee pain problems, especially when climbing stair cases or leg pain.

However, if SE sector is the wealth area then the family members would not have this problem.

Therefore when you read fengshui books, do pay attention to the element of "time" which is very important in the study of feng shui.

You still want to put "water feature" there in the South East sector of your house without a fengshui master's instruction ?

FSQ Note: The above photo is taken from Hotel Harmoni One, Batam

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