Thursday, July 26, 2012

Excuse me, are you Real ?

Today, 26 July 2012 (Thursday) - Hi........

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - There are many people out there who are selfish in nature however that should not influence our own set of ways and thinking. If you are weak then learn to be strong. I also became strong or very strong because of circumstances.

How do I look at things and people ?
In my mindset, whenever I am with any person, I would always view them with love and kindness. 

Hence anything that they want from me or ask me to do, I would try my level best. And these are from the people around me and are not my clients.

Do you have that kind of mindset ? If you can change your mindset a little bit, don't you think that this world of yours would be a much better world ?

FSQ Photo - This photo was taken at night as the toad (the right one) that came thought that the "porcelain frog" was his mother. Haha. My fengshui trick work !!! yeah !!!

Have a Happy Day !!!

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