Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thank you for a lovely cake !!!

Today, 10 July 2012 (Tuesday) - Hi...........how are you getting on ? Hope you are well as we are now into the middle of the year of the Water Dragon. I also hope that you found the method to "break" off this "Dragon" earth thing.

Well.........most of all, let us all grow richer by the year and healthier too.

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - 
1) Have you ever wondered that when you are inside the car and driving and the phone rings like crazy ?................that is because "metal" must be very very suitable for you.

2) Have you ever wondered when you are about to travel to an overseas country and there are so much business and work to be done before you can fly ?
That is because the "water" element is very very favorable to you.

Fengshui Case Studies -
Thank you to the family with 2 young boys and 1 pretty girl who lives in Bedok,  who gave me the Black Forest cake above.

I hold it close to my heart like carrying Gold today till I reached home. Thank you so much .......it is so yummy yummy and soft.

The eldest boy said to his mum to give Fengshui Queen SG some english tea when she comes to their house but I asked for plain cold water instead as I love drinking plain water best. Thank you for your kind thought. That warms my heart that someone out there cares for me ;)))

Oooooohh..........I was really so touched when I first heard that and realized that  I've got young male fans !!!!

So I told myself that I must come home early, take photo of the cake and put in my Blog so that we can all remember how the cake look like before my family and I finished them ;)))

Have a lovely evening !!!

FSQ Note: It is not money that makes us happy. It is the warmth of a family that can keep the family together and make everybody Happy. This kind of happiness comes deep from the heart and stays there. Hope you are all happy too !!!

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