Saturday, August 25, 2012

Are you happy ?

Today, 25 August (Saturday) - are things this week ?

Singapore Feng Shui Blog - Recently, I got a "liking" to post some food photos in my Facebook and one client who is now overseas in China for work just couldn't help but comment on my food postings......haha. It is to make you come home often for holidays with your family !!! I said jokingly since I know their whole family ^_^

And as I was posting this photo of laska ...........I thought I smell "laska gravy". Hmmm.......or am I hungry now as it is almost time for dinner ^_^

Fengshui Case Study 1 - A male client was telling me about women and if she is a slim and pretty woman his face seemed to light up and I was shocked. Later, I tried to explain to him that : that is not the definition for "love". 

Love is not about physical beauty.

To love someone does not mean that that person has to be a stunning beauty. That is only scratching the surface. Love means something more than that. I told him.

I then inform him to think and pause for a moment : True Love means "its the way she makes you feel".

I told him to think "deep" and "hard" so that he can understand the real meaning of "love". There are many definitions about love but this definition of love can REALLY make you sit up and think.

"Its the make me feel in my heart"

Feng Shui Case Study 2 - Sometimes in life, there is no need to have lots and lots of money. Some is good enough as long as every month, you can get by with some spare, is good enough.

Why do I say this ? it is because have you ever seen a man or a woman always loosing his temper or scolding the kids ? 

Do you think he or she is happy ?

Everybody just wants to be happy. 

Some people tends to worry too much, some tend to be very negative all the time while some tend to be too talkative till they loose all their good luck. They do not know how to keep their mouth quiet and to have protective luck all the time !!!

Then........ there are those who like to scold anybody all the time, particularly the wife or the children. However, it can also be the wife who is the "scolding" I mean she likes to scold people. Everyday must scold someone. 

Just think : Do you think these people can learn how to be happy ?

We certainly hope so.

FSQ Note : The number of things that you can learn to let go will determine your level of happiness.

The happiest people are people who get things done and yet never ever loose a single temper !!! Beat that !!!

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Freddy said...

i think it is the state of mind; not certain to have anything to do with earning more or less.

If one can take things easy. Then naturally, he/she will be happier.