Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Duck Rice, anyone ?

Today, 23 October 2012 (Tuesday) - hi........yummy yummy duck rice. Does it make you feel like having duck rice tonight ? hehe

Singapore Fengshui Blog - Hi, do you love food ? Hmmm........I think everyone does and we eat because we need to live or some may live to eat.

About Relationships - (couples who are not yet married)
a) Some couple likes to biker all the time - is because their bazi is like that and have to. Is because that's the reality of their bazi nature. Monkey and Rooster. they simply can't get along. It is their love for each other that still keeps them going.......

b) Some couples are very cordial together - also is because of bazi or is because one of them is trained by the other to "behave" properly so as to suit the man in her life. In a relationship, the man usually dominates and not necessarily with money. Some men are very proud and they simply take things for granted.......even though the woman earns more.

c) Usually in a relationship, the men tends to get angry most of the time - then it is up to the lady partner to accept or get out. Some men can be very very bad tempered ! 

FSQ Tip: If luck is still not smooth this year especially for those born in the year of the dog and the dragon, is to go pray to Tai Sui again. It helps a lot and good news can come soon after. Try it and Trust me. It works.

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