Saturday, November 10, 2012

Photos from my Shenzhen, China trip recently

FSQ Note : Hi!......sorry, I was away to Shenzhen, China on 8 Nov and back on 9 Nov 2012, that's why I didn't write. Hope you will like the lovely photos that I took from my Samsung Galaxy S3. I had a lot of fun taking photos from this smartphone. You should see the many pixs that I took in Facebook ! 

The name of the Hotel that I stayed this time is Pullman Hotel if you wish to stay here for your next trip to Shenzhen. 

In the early morning of 9 Nov around 6.40am as I was getting ready to go downstairs to have my breakfast and before catching the plane (business class), I thought why not look out of the window again and wow ! I saw the rising sun !!!! 

So red, so orange and so big !!! I have been to Shenzhen many times but this is my first time in this new hotel and so maybe that's why it was easier to capture the rising sun.

So BEAUTIFUL that till now............I still can't forget that beautiful sight which still stays in my mind.

Hope you like my photos and do enjoy them with your son or your daughter as one mum told me during her reading that Master Lynn also goes to "where and where" and walk walk........she brought her son there and he loves it too ^_^

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