Monday, January 07, 2013

Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn,

Thanks for sharing.


Sunny said...

Thks a lot

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn

We continued to place 8 mandarin oranges in the freezer in 2012. Can we continue for 2013? If yes, when must we change the oranges?

Your reply is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Twilight Man said...

Thank you very very very much Master Lynn Yap!

Unknown said...

Hi Master Yap

Thank you for your tips and wise words.

For the pot of gold, do we literally put in real gold items such as gold coins or gold jewellery? =P

Buddha bless you and your loved ones and all sentient beings.


Jane said...

Hi Master Yap,
I have the same question for you regarding the 8 mandarins in the freezer. Do we keep them or throw them out in 2013 or do we continue to keeo another new ones in the freezer. Your advise is greatly appreciated . Thank you