Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Do you set a sales target for yourself ?

Today, 6 August 2013 (Tuesday) - Hi................hope that everything is fine with you. I was very inspired this morning when a lady wrote on my Facebook wall that she enjoys reading my blog that I decided that today when I go home I must sit in front of my big screen Mac desk top (bought it to motivate myself to write)    to pen some lines ;)))

I guess..........sometimes it is the writing style of the writer  that makes it very readable. Mine is like this. I think this works very well for me cause I get many many viewers.

Singapore Fengshui Queen blog - I started writing my blog in May 2008. That makes it 5 years old this year, 2013. Wow !!! that's a long time and it takes me 5 years to reach an average daily viewership of over 500. 

I guess, not bad lah. But then......you must also know that I work very very hard on the ground, visiting homes, offices, factories etc 7 days a week, meeting at least 4 new people a day, my target which is very achievable.

Oh...........when you do your own business, you are answerable only to yourself and to your own pocket. How much do you make in a day ? in a week ? it is ok if I do decide to take a day off or if tomorrow I only work,  half a day. Who is there to breath down my pretty neck and scold me........oops !  No one. 

But my mum would if she knows.......only thing is I always tell her good things as I don't want her to worry. She can't walk well now and most of the time, either my brother or my sister in law, Yvonne and sometimes me would have to hold her arm and help her walk.......just in case she fall. we are most afraid of this.  And she likes to go to the casino and mind you, my fengshui skills at her house is so good that she wins all the time. 

And my dad told me that old people cannot fall down. I will always remember this.

When I have very interesting feng shui case studies then I would share it with my parents, no names. just the case itself to make my mum laugh. My dad can't hear too well now but with my loud,  high pitch voice, he still can hear. I sometimes imagine what is life like if one can't hear properly........

Topic Today :
Do you set a goal or target for yourself ?
Personally, I don't set any but I do have a certain sales target that I need to achieve in a month. I set reasonable and achievable targets for myself and as like I said, I am only answerable to myself and to my own pocket.

After setting a big plan, now plan monthly then plan weekly and then daily. work and work till you earn your first million, net worth for one. Then plan and go higher till when you wake up, you found yourself at 55 or even 60 then count.......what is your net worth. Hmm......a couple of millions and very comfortable, then tell yourself, you have done yourself proud and well.

For those with kids, some like to buy their children, each child one apartment or even one landed property. If you are young now, can set goal and achieve it. If you are around my age, this is still doable. One bedroom condo for one kid, then buy two loh. Still achievable. And  never never say.....ai yah,  so small.

It's your narrow mindset that sets borders for you and then limit how much you can achieve in your life time.

Do flat size matters ? If I tell you I can stay in a small apartment (maybe in my new condo or maybe never)  and still feel top of the world feeling with many rental properties.....don't you like that ? 

After all, when I come home, I stay in the master bedroom (4 bedroom terrace house) all the time, working on my computer or iPad playing Hay Day or Candy Crush and watching my Starhub, cantonese serials, 857 or hokkien ones like 852 at the same time. then replying sms or whatsapp too or now even Facebook chats or emails. I become very "boh eng" (busy) 

But then I know that my clients know that I am quite IT savy.  I got Instagram, Twitter with many many followers. I also know how to snap a photo and upload to my Facebook for my fans/clients/friends to see. And I blog to tell fs related stories and some on life's issues that I hold dear to my heart. 

About setting goals : I do know of a lady entrepreneur who sets very high sales target for herself and  when she cannot reach her sales target ? yah...........you are right. She gets very upset and makes herself so miserable.......then her family members probably would suffer too. I hope you don't do this. I mean don't get upset with yourself.  Just try harder or work harder next month.

FSQ Photo : Photo taken years ago. I do hope I still look the same.

FSQ Tip: Inside every house, there is a wealth area which we call internal wealth area. Activate this with real running water and wait 3 months to feel the results coming. After that,  the feng shui continues.......

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