Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This Keow Kar Laughing Buddha !

Today, 18 March 2014 - Hi ! How is your new year so far ? Good ? I hope……….well many sent sms or whatsapp telling me how the "Keow Kar Laughing Buddha" brought them many Good Luck !!! 

Of course, I am most happy to know that. This is because every single one of my Fengshui Queen Tip for the last few years had to bring Good Fortune to everyone who either read it because their friends circulated my powerpoint to them or because they attended my talks.

That was my main motivation and that is why each year, I have a bad headache trying to think what is the best to help people.

Their Stories:
1) One wife strike 4D on the house number and she was very very happy.

2) One man who had never won anything in his life finally won a prize at a shopping centre's lucky draw contest. He was VERY VERY happy and shared his joy with me.

3) Another family also strike 4D.

4) There are many more.

Overall, many had good things to tell me about this Keow Kar Laughing Buddha.

FSQ Tip : When you feel that your luck is running low then go on a vegetarian diet for 3 days. Then on the 4th day, you can see some results !!! Good Luck !!!! ^_^

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Today, you lift up my spirits !!!

Today, 4 March 2014 - Today, I went to do two house reviews and am very happy as I have some very nice, happy customers. They were all full of praises that made me feel so good and yet shy.

The Fengshui Savvy Investor Blog - You probably missed my writing as I can "feel" it. Anyhow, I would like to thank the over 300 visitors yesterday for visiting my blog as you know I hardly write often as I was too busy and tired usually after work. Then of course, I would choose not to write.

BUT, you inspired me so much that I decided this year, maybe this year, it is time to get back to some blogging. hehe. Hope you like to read what I write and support me, ALWAYS ok ????

My shoebox : Space@Kovan, Yio Chu Kang. I never own a condo and this is my first. When I look at this photo, it always bring me Happiness. Untold happiness, Inner Happiness. My retirement house when I am ready to stay in while I rent out the landed property. That is my planning.

My unit on the 4th level is facing the landed property

I was passing by and try to very fast take some photos so here they are :))) (a bit of singlish lah to make you laugh!!!!) 

FSQ Note 1 :  There are a few clients looking for a job. One of them went vegetarian for two months before he found a job. If you are looking for a job, why not try this. 

Our way of taking vegetarian food is to take hokkien mee  and don't eat the sotong, meat and prawns. Just take the noodles will do. It would be much easier for you to start your vegetarian diet and Good Luck !!!

FSQ NOTE 2: Give me some time before I come back and write about my clients findings on the Keow Kar Laughing Buddha ;))))

She is one of my favourite, so enjoy !!!

Monday, March 03, 2014

Meeting up with His Eminence Trizin Tsering Rinpoche of Bhutan

Today, 3 March 2014 - Hi…….How are you ? we are now in the year of the Horse and already the second month !!! Wow…..how time flies so fast…like a speeding Horse !!! haha.

18 February 2014 - A meeting was arranged on Li Chun evening to meet His Eminence Trizin Tsering Rinpoche of Bhutan. The date settled was 18 February 2014. I was kept busy working and working however I was also getting excited as the day appeared nearer and nearer…..about meeting His Eminence.

I also had some "purification" too before meeting HIM. However, I knew…….it had to be this way. I never told anyone. Well…….now you know, my many fans and readers ;))

On that day, itself, everything went so smoothly that it was so unbelievable for me. 

At Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant, #01-50, Sunshine Plaza , I was then asked to sit directly opposite Rinpoche and we sat down to eat and do small talk. If you know me well, I seldom talk much unless I drink. Luckily, Rinpoche spoke and I listened. It is like "teachings" for me.

However before I even sat down, I did my 3 prostrations and offered a kartar followed by a red packet. This is a form of respect. So if ever in your life, you have a chance to meet a Rinpoche, remember to do your 3 prostrations and offer a kartar. The red packet part is up to you.

Then when we were all about to leave, His Eminence offered his hand shake and it was warm and felt very very nice. That night, I had a very good sleep and I told myself that the next morning I must meditate and I did and the meditation went very very well. 

Thank you, Robin for making this arrangement and many thanks to meeting up with the lady boss of this nice, Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant. The food there was so delicious and juicy that I forgot that I was at a vegetarian restaurant. Thank you for your company too. 

Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip : When there is less rainfall and more heat, our water features may tend to dry up often. So kindly remember to top up your pond to 3/4 full.