Monday, April 14, 2014

It's my Birthday week !!!

Today, 14 April 2014 (Monday) - It's April already and my favorite month because it is my birthday month !!!

A big thank you to all the wonderful 124 "likes" and 44 comments in my Facebook today as I posted a birthday cake. Have you followed me in Facebook yet ? Oh common…… try ok if you wish to know more about me and what I do each day or about some dharma teachings ;))

Singapore Fengshui Queen Blog - I am very happy to announce that I had done 4 condo units fengshui at The Minton, Hougang area this year. Well… first thought was most likely I am lucky or that I am really popular.

This year, so far I also met many many new life reading clients as well as fengshui for some HDBs, condos and offices as well. It's been a great first Quarter.

Thank you also to the many wonderful clients who bought me lunches so far. I like the chinese restaurant in Safra Yishun, nice fresh food,  tim sum too plus nice company ! If you have the time go and try for yourself. I heard if you intend to go on a weekend, you better book first.

I love to eat and drink so any invitations from clients especially if time permits, I would go.

Singapore Fengshui Queen Tip : 
A) When it rains and you happen to be home, open some of the windows to allow Rain and Qi to come into the house so as to bring in new Qi which means bring in new energy while the Rain brings in "chye", Good Luck !!!

B) About New Qi:  Some people dislike dust so they never open the bedroom windows hence their life and their fortune will be slow. 

Try opening them at least once a day for at least one hour or once a week for at least two hours so as to bring in fresh new Qi to come into the bedroom.


sibi said...

May be next time, when it rains, I will definitely try to open the windows for the Qi. Good article

Hazel Moon said...

Happy April Birthday -