Monday, January 05, 2015

Now…... I can smile widely !!!

Today, 6 January 2015 (Tuesday) - Hi !…….How are you ? Fine ? I do hope so. I do hope that you are feeling good and calm.

Singapore Fengshui Queen - I am really sorry that it has been quite a while since I last blog. I guess busy with work and now busy preparing the slides for "Predictions 2015" and to think carefully over and over again ….if these are the events that can happen in the lunar new year.

After I do my presentations yearly, I never go back and check if all came true. It is not possible for all to come true lah, at least 80% is very very good already.

Starting from November 2014,  I was ready to visit my dentist to do a "crown" on the edge of the front. I don't know the tooth number ! ;)) My dentist recommended me to see  a root canal specialist to fix the tooth first before she will do the crown for me.

We need to get the roots of the tooth strong. Then can crown it. ok !

By December, my "crown" was fixed and it is my first crown at age 55.  Now,  I can smile and laugh widely !!! haha !!!
See photo below !!! ;)))

I would like to thank my two dentists, Dr Tan and Dr Young for helping me fix my tooth !!! Did you know that the tooth also need to match my other tooth color ??!!! it was learning process for me when I took time off work to visit my two dentists.

Then I posted my visits to the two dentists clinics in Facebook and then during annual reviews, my clients would share with me their experiences !!! it was fun !!!

2014 had been a great year for us. REALLY really need to thank all my clients for having chosen me as their fengshui master or destiny reader. I am very blessed indeed. Whatever I have is the result of all of my clients…….

And it is really inspiring listening to Jack Ma speak !!! so do enjoy some of his speeches here in my blog.

Fengshui Queen SG tip : Smiling and laughing is of the water element. If you need the water element, please smile more and laugh more too !!!

Oh! before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 !!!!!

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