Friday, August 28, 2015

Much Ado about Nothing

Today, 28 August 2015 (Friday) - How are you ? How have you been so far in the year of the Goat ? Hope that you are doing ok. Whether we are busy with work or simply too free because got "no work"… goes on.

The Election is coming and I found many news and updates mostly from my Facebook, daily. That will keep us and me busy for a while.

The year of the Goat - We are now into the 7th lunar month and still have a couple of months left before the year of the Fire Monkey kicks in.

Those born in the Goat or Ox year - If you are really have a hard time this year just bear with it till earliest 22 Dec 2015 that is when the nose of the Monkey appears. Observe this date. That is observe if things/events happen to you on this date is good or not.

"Swing Swing Arm" - Are you still doing the swing swing arm exercise at least for 20 mins ? I seldom do but I am still trying my best to do at least once a week. Hope the result is showing…..can see from my photo above. hehe

Travelling - I will be traveling soon to Batam then to China. Wish me a safe flight ok ?

My new dresses from Wolford - How do you like my new black and blue dress from Wolford ? suits me or not… GF and I plan for a trip to HK next year shopping and I plan to buy more new dresses.  So until then ……you will see me often in these !!! haha

Viewership - Thank you for the wonderful support from my loyal fans/clients who still come to read what I write. There was a day, I had over 1,100 viewers. Wow. Am really thankful that you haven't forgotten about me.

FSQ Note : When business is slow, go on a vegetarian diet for just a day. You will be surprised to see some results !!! and happy working !!!

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Agnes said...

Hope the last quarter of the year will be a good months for the Monkeys. Wish you have safe flights.