Saturday, September 12, 2015

Siddhi Retreat 2015 - my experiences

On the 28 August 2015 (Friday) - Today is the first day of the Siddhi Retreat at Expo Hall 3. I reached there at 8.30am in time for the start  at 9.30am. There was a traffic Jam and His Holiness arrived later but all went well.

It's been a long time since I attended any Buddhist talk or even a Retreat and therefore my body (stomach) could not take it. It was purification on my part.

And I wanted to write about this and share this with all of you : so that in case you have similar things happening to you, do not be afraid or get angry.

It is the way of nature and so just follow it and all will be well.

I remembered in dharma : "There is no right and no wrong" - it is all perceived by people's mind to label it as "wrong" or as "right".

After the first session from 9.30am to 11.30am when everyone breaks off for lunch, I went home.

This veg lunch set was given on 29 August 2015

On the 29 August 2015 (Saturday) - Today, I had already decided to stay for two sessions. Everything went on fine and then I went home. Then at home, I wondered if I should have stayed to take my 5 precepts with His Holiness…. this "thought" was in my mind and kept playing in my mind.

On the 30 August 2015 (Sunday) - Early morning, I visited my parents first as my brother already informed me to have lunch together. Hence I told my mum that I would leave at 1pm to go for the Retreat as I badly wanted to go and take the empowerment. I felt I really need that to create more merits for myself.

When I arrived, I met two of my clients family as they were there to buy the wealth vase which I had posted in my Facebook and today is collection time.

I collected mine and felt very happy with it and also happy that I can help sell 4 of these wealth vases all at the last minute.

Then came the empowerment and Wow ! we could all go on stage to meet His Holiness real close.

I said to myself : Hei, I can take out the red packet which I had gotten it ready to give His Holiness and a kartar.

Then as though He heard me "thinking of this", the lady announced sorry cannot bring kartar and no red packets. His Holiness said.

I was like "aw"… sweet of him. His Holiness only wanted us to keep practicing dharma.

Well, I waited patiently for my turn and when my turn came : I paused and smiled at him. I couldn't move for a few seconds then I bowed to him and moved on.

Then at the end of the session, we all lined up to bid His Holiness farewell. Everyone rushed to the front. I stood behind a lady but in full view so that I could see His Holiness again.

Then He came….walked with many Bhutan monks behind and He waved to everyone, actually blessing them.

When He reached my side, He waved to us all and I felt a "strong energy" touching me like blessing me. Wow! this is really good and I wondered whether anyone out there could "feel" what I had felt.I am very impressed and wished that I too had "powers" like Him.

…….just being "childish" eh ?
Maybe with veg diet and training can be achieved. I always believe "nothing is impossible".

Conclusion: I went home feeling good and happy and said to myself. If there is another Siddhi Retreat next year, 2016  I will go again and maybe do more donations than this time.

I also wore the yellow string on my right hand to have a strong connection with Bhutan.

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