Saturday, January 09, 2016

Predictions 2016 - Go here to download and share with your friends !


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for the 2016 slides! Could the chye sen yeh be a 24k gold?

Catherine Meow Meow said...

Hi, master Lynn, where can we get purchase this God of wealth pendant?

Unknown said...

Dear Master Yap

Thank you for your new year predictions.

Your advice required:

For the 8 mandarin oranges, should I use new ones and place them in the freezer section a day before 4 Feb (Li Chun)?

For the 916 Chye Sen Yeh, is it OK to buy the pendant that is rectangular in shape but with the Chye Sen Yeh engraved?

Must we wear it on the neck? Can we place it in our wallets instead?

Please advise us. Thank you!