Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bazi reading using Whatsapp

Hi, today is 28 April 2017 - Today, I have only one personal review reading and this client who wants to do it via whatsapp. So this means that I can stay at home for a while then later chat with her on her bazi review for her fortune in the year of the Rooster.

Using Whatsapp to chat for destiny reading -This year, I have personally done two whatsapp with clients on their destiny readings. One client is from Kuala Lumpur the other is from India.

My Photo - Yesterday it was raining quite heavily when I was going home. I tried using Grab but no taxi so I call Comfort instead and there was a taxi. I used flat rate fee to get home.

This driver told me that he had fetched me twice before last year. And as we were about to reach my destination, my home, he asked how is it that you had gone younger and thinner ? I think he was too curious and couldn't resist asking me this question.

I laughed when I heard him ask such a question… you know….most of my clients would seldom say that to me unless they know me very very well. Sure mah….not scared they offended me then I don't give my level best to help them. hehe.

Then I replied : I had gone full vegetarian since June 2016 till now….not yet one year. The comment that he made me made me realize that : there were much benefits in going full vegetarian. You want to try ?

FSQ Note : If you ever want any Buddha to come to pick you when you are about to pass on, you would have to chant that particular Buddha mantra. Most people chant Ai Mi To Fo. Then Amitabha Buddha would come and pick up on your dying day.

While some people chant : Om Mani Padme Hum then Kuan Yin Pu Sar will come to pick you up.

For me I chant : Na Mo Tee Chang Pu Sar Mo Her Sar as I wish for Tee Chang Wang Pu Sar to pick me and go to Nirvana. However, I need to chant this 10,000 times.

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