Sunday, April 16, 2017

My full vegetarian journey - 21 June 2016 till now

Today, 17 April 2017 - It's a Monday and this is usually my off day as I spent my weekends working. How do you like my photo above ? It was taken yesterday on Sunday at Bukit Batok, SkyLine where my client had keys to their new HDB flats.

I was surprised to discover that they were my clients in 2001 where I had fengshuied their previous HDB flat.  Wow ! what a pleasant surprise !

On my full vegetarian diet journey - I had been watching Venerable Hai Tao 師父 Youtube dharma since April/May 2016.

Then on 21 June 2016, after watching Venerable Hai Tao 師父 said something about how a chicken was killed - it was by slitting the throat that woke me up and that I was determined not to eat meat anymore. Partly was : because I woke up and had a bad cough.

To me, my thought was : Oh dear, I am coughing then how can I do my work ? I cannot let this be like this. I had to do something. And that something was to : stop eating meat.

So, I started my self imposed full vegetarian diet. Then I heard that my 82 years old mother wanted to go for a 10 hours operation. One first operation then afternoon, another one. I was afraid that she might not make it.

So I swear to Buddha that from now onwards, I will take full vegetarian so that my mum will be well and is able to walk again with some helpful aid. Now, she is able to and is more independent.

I know that I had to take a vow so that my mum can pull through and at that time, I recited the Golden Light Sutra for her….. That evening, dad text : mum is alright now. I sighed a big relief and continue on my full vegetarian diet.

Todate, I am very grateful this Medical Doctor at Kent Ridge Hospital who knew that my mother can make it despite her age. Thank you so much, with gratitude 感恩

Then around 21 September 2016 - I chanced upon 地蔵經 and played it at home for the first time, I felt very good and my third eye was throbbing. I knew that it was a familiar 經 and that I had heard this before in my previous life time.

I continue to play this once a day at home and once a day in my office. Until on 21 December 2016, my lady client said that her sister lost consciousness and now was very sick. So I bucked up my courage to recite 地蔵經 in mandarin once and then to dedicate the merits to my parents, all my fengshui / life reading clients and especially to her.

I continue to recite on 21, 22 and 24 December 2016 and on 25 December 2016, she had regained consciousness. This gave me very very very strong faith in 地蔵經.

I continue to recite 地蔵經 on auspicious dates and till todate, had done it, 10 times <<十部>>

On lady client told me to visit Buddhist Lodge where there is a huge stature of 地蔵王菩萨 I had been there before but I did not know that : that will be a deep familiar one for me. Intend to visit soon.

Then recently, I chanced upon a 師父 telling us that if we wish to, we can practice 地蔵王大願法门and today, I made a vow to practice this from today onwards.

Conclusion : Every one has their own buddha nature. Most of time, they are not awaken and therefore may take time before they are ready to first take their 5 precepts and then enter into Buddha world, together with us.

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