Thursday, June 29, 2017

30 June 2017 : 晴天

Today, 30 June 2017 - Hi….how are you ?

On my meditation practice : I had been practicing meditation since 1994….about 23 years. But for the last 10 years I could not progress much as I was not a full vegetarian and the right teachers didn't appear not the right books for me to read appear.

However, the only one thing I did right was to mediate every day before work. I could do only 30mins as after that my legs got cramped and it was so painful that I couldn't do any more, I had to get up from my mediation or sometimes, I moved my legs and continue.

Since 21 June 2016 last year, I started going full time vegetarian so as to improve my mediation and it did help. About March this year, I chanced upon a podcast telling me how to go beyond the pain in my legs. Once the realization sets in….it was so easy to mediate past the 30 mins and so far the longest I sat was 2 hours and was in the early early morning when everyone asleep !!!

Then I read The Diamond Sutra and then yesterday, I chanced upon The Shurangaram Sutra which can help one to achieve enlightenment !

On Fengshui Case Studies : Once I was invited by my client to check a landed property on can or cannot buy. As I was early for my appointment as usual…I walked around the area and saw a temple nearby.

It is quite rare to find a temple within the landed properly area ! but here it was !

My client's house that they intended to buy was on higher ground than the temple which was just on the next street. So if my clients had bought the house they would be sleeping on higher ground, higher than the Buddha in the temple !

Can or not ? Definitely cannot lah !!! it is common sense, right ?

FSQ Tip : If this year, you may have to lose a sum of money then it be…..don't hold on to it ! We can always earn and save again. And if in your "conscious mind", you think that you are helping other people (pu sze) then somehow the Universe will help you get back that same amount of money, but in different forms and in various ways.

About where is your mind : We all have our "deluded conscious mind" and we think that that is the real mind, however that is not the real mind. Once this "deluded conscious mind" disappears through samadhi only then can our true Buddha nature appear. Then we are enlightened.

Our Buddha Nature is our true mind. Once this is spoken it becomes a past as everything is changing moment to moment. Our true mind can also be said to be just a label, a name.

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