Friday, July 07, 2017

New Condo - The Vales

Today is 7 July 2017 - Hi…..This week, I was invited to go to this new condo where my clients had just collected keys. Condo name is : The Vales.

When I was there on a weekday, it was very quiet ……except for the management people at the Club House as there were a few owners coming down that day to collect their keys to their new houses. As usual, I was early for my appointment and I brought my book on The Sutra of Hui Neng to read. This is where I sat and took a photo !

On my meditation : I am progressing using the Hua Tou Method and am very glad that I chanced upon this method to develop the Big Great Doubt and to say it "What is Wu ?" to prevent my "deluded mind" from having thoughts.

And only after "deluded mind" is no longer having many thoughts then the "true mind" appears. Some call this our true Buddha Nature while others termed it "the one who knows".  Are you there yet ?

On Fengshui Case Studies : There was a young single lady who recently collected keys to her HDB flat and had invited me to go take a look. Her unit was on the highest level and therefore she was afraid that the water tanks above might had have an impact on her as she is a fire person.

You know….water can reduce her fire and then diminish her fire, so no good. Therefore, other than locating her wealth area and her power area, I also told her to paint the ceiling brown or yellow to represent "earth" element and liken it to "building a wall" above the ceiling to prevent the water tank above to have any impact on her.

Then …...I also recommended that she uses light peach color walls and add in table lamps for her bed in order to have more fire and of course a pink or peach color bed sheet ! that should be enough  warm fire to keep her fire burning and glowing. Notice that I did not ask her to use bright red colors…..

On Bazi Readings : This year, a few of my clients went to buy new cars…partly because their COE was up and therefore they had decided to buy brand new cars. So many of them whataspp me to ask me for their lucky car numbers and car number plates.

So I am going to share this information with all of you : First the Car Number Plate :

1) The last digit of the car number plate has to end with your lucky number.
2) The 4 numbers need to be ascending order meaning that everything can progress !
3) We do not like a zero in between the numbers but starting with a zero is fine.
4) When you add up all the numbers , they should equal to a 9 as 9 is the most powerful number and the biggest number of all the numbers.

Car Lucky Colour - for this, check your bazi chart to see what car color is most suitable or favorable to you. And if they had run of stock…it is better to wait for the RIGHT car color than to anyhow take !!!

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