Tuesday, July 18, 2017

On Meditation….

Bedok Residences - ground floor

Today is 19 July 2017 - Hi…...yesterday I was at Bedok Residences and I loved these huge, balcony especially this one on the ground floor !!! and it has quite a good privacy corner too. My work is in the afternoon today so I can take a small break this morning ! hehe

On Meditation : how are you going on your meditation practice ? Well…for a start, do you know why we start by counting breaths ? it is to calm down your deluded mind. Some people call it the scattered mind…it is the same. So keep doing this till you can see purple or blue color lights like webbed moving around, when you stop breathing….then breath again.

It is not easy to reach this stage but some of my clients have very good karmic connections with buddhism and meditation and therefore I am sure they can reach this stage rather easily.

I was stuck on this for the last 10 years and did not go any further till I encountered Chan Master Sheng Yen and his book on Shattering the Great Doubt !!!!

Once you reach this stage, you can begin to do "Hua Tou meditation" as this will be the fastest path for you to gain enlightenment !!! and you must want to gain enlightenment otherwise it is of no use. that is you won't go far in your meditation.

Photo taken yesterday at the Club house !

Fengshui Queen SG Tip : If your bazi chart has to many water elements, try not to stay in a house that has a lot of water like very near the swimming pool.

FSQ Destiny Reading tip : So if "metal" is your money element then you will need to sing all the time, chant more or read out loud then the money can come !!! hehe

If "wood" is your money element, then it can be good to carry a small handkerchief around you then the money can come. or be woody or act blur !!!

If "earth" is your money element then you will need to be fat or even plump then money can come and can stay. But don't be too fat until it is not good for health ok ? or be stubborn when it comes to money then the money can come. Try this…...


Hercu Lees said...

Master Lynn, what about "Fire" money element??

Hercu Lees said...

Master Lynn, what about Fire money element??