Sunday, August 06, 2017

Have a Happy Happy Blessed Day !!!

Today, 6 August 2017 (Sunday) - is the second sixth lunar month and the 15th day. It is quite an auspicious day to go full vegetarian as well as to meditate. I hope that you can do that......;)))

So today, I post a nice, powerful chanting by a 114 year old monk and hope that you do enjoy this and able to get some good fortune.

On Meditation - It is best to always do a sit down meditation. Thank you to the many who shared that they were very impressed that I can sit still for two hours. I didn't think it is good enough. Therefore I intend to sit longer and longer today......or this evening. 

The energies at 2am this morning was very very good and I could do only one hour.

However....... when you can not sleep at night then do lying down meditation is another method. But do remember that it is not the best method as you may tend to fall asleep and that defeats the whole purpose of meditation.

Thank you to the over 733 Page Viewers yesterday !!! I am very encouraged to write more and to share some pointers with you, hence stay tuned !

On Feng Shui - Any where and every where, people call for Feng shui....and I will be there !!!
Most important, after 3months, you should see results then you will know that the fengshui is working.

On Life Reading - Clients usually find that their career and life becomes smoother after having a Life Reading done. is suppose to be like this, otherwise, why come, right ?

Thank you to the few clients who came this week and sharing with me about their life experiences and about meditation and dharma too. Thank you !!!

One lady that I hardy met came and commented that I looked slimmer and brighter ! Then I told her that it is the result of going full vegetarian for a year and asked her if you want to do so ! :)))

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