Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thank you to the 724 visitors to my blog yesterday !!!

Today, 13 August 2017 (Sunday) - It was raining when I was going home......and I took this photo from the Grab Car that I was in. How do you FEEL just by looking at the rain drops on the window ? Do you feel peaceful, blessed and contented ?

On Meditation - Sometimes, it is quite tiring to get yourself to sit and meditate. I do feel that at times...but when I think of my two lady clients who are doing so well in their meditation progress....I would just get up from bed and start sitting meditate.

Everytime, telling myself even 20 mins is good enough. Most of the time, I do sit for an hour. Sometimes, on a good day, I can sit for one hour and 30mins.

When you sit to meditate - Remember to think that today is a new meditation and not to expect any thing, then good things can appear.

The FOCUS here is to - Concentrate on Breathing in and Breathing out. Why ? it is because we need to train our mind. And training the mind takes time and effort and only you can do it !!!

For many of you - You are to sit till you see purple/blue lights wandering around. Once, you reach this level....the next level is very easy and can be quite fast. The aim is to reach enlightenment.

The next level of Meditation is this - A new set of lights come and play with these purple lights and this light is light yellow....very very light yellow. I achieved this after Vesak Day this year. 

Now I am on another platform but shall share with you later on. So please keep meditating.....

Every Sunday, Dad will go to the vegetarian stall in Ang Mo Kio and buy food for me.

Mum asked me to eat these I ate all of them !!! hehe

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