Saturday, August 12, 2017

Thank you to the 659 visitors to my blog, yesterday !!!

Today, 12 August 2017 (Saturday) - is your Saturday ? well...for many it is their off day so they will spend time with family or with friends. While for some, they will be working on Saturdays and Sundays. I still work 7 days a week and usually would try to take Monday off.

On Dharma - The focus of Chan Buddhism is about meditation because the word "Chan" comes from a Sanskrit word "Dyana" meaning meditation. Hence, when I told one of my lady client that I am learning Chan Meditation, she said Wah !!! because it is a difficult thing to do....but actually I didn't know that it is difficult. I only know that I need to be very very mindful at all times !!!

On attainting Buddhahood - When your 5 senses do not have any "likes" and "dislikes"......then you don't have any deluded mind then your true mind will appear. It is actually there all the time ....except that it had been covered by our deluded mind which tells us : I like this, I don't like that.....

It is all because of the "self".  Can you try to remove this self from your mind and body ? Try it.....then very fast can gain enlightenment !!!

So the 5 Senses -
1) no eyes to see - the eyes do not tell you that that is pretty and that is ugly.
2) no ears to listen - so the ears do not tell you that this music is nice and that is not nice !
3) no mouth to taste - so the mouth do not tell you that this food is delicious and that is not nice !
4) no nose to smell - so the nose do not tell you that this smells bad ! and that smell nice !
5) no body to touch - so the body do not tell you that this is pain and that is not painful !

On Buddhism - Dhana - Recently I taught some clients how to "pu sze" using water. So each time, when you are about to throw some water away, chant this :
"Om Ah Hum, Om Sum Pu Nai, Sum Pu Nai Hum"

In this way, the hungry ghosts or any spirits around you will be able to drink the water or eat the crushed biscuits. I find this very helpful and have been doing so for the past one year. And I actually "felt" the spirits eating the biscuits when I chanted in this manner, silently. 

Do bear in mind that this is not the full chant for the giving of crushed biscuits or water. But my clients like this short version and so I will share this. If you can , do learn the long and proper version.

On Meditation - I am still doing my meditation daily, once in early morning and once late into the night and I do not need a lot of sleep and seldom feel tired. I always look fresh all the time......don't you think so ? hehe so try to meditate lah !!!

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