Monday, September 18, 2017

10 Tips on how to fengshui a bedroom -

10 Tips on how to fengshui a Bedroom -

1) At the back of the bed should have a wall and directly opposite should also have a wall - this way, one can sleep better and can get deep sleep.

2) The bed should have legs below about 6 inches gap between the mattress and the floor - this will allow qi to pass through them. that way when you wake up the next morning, you will not have a backache and also don't feel tired.

3) There should be no exposed mirrors in the bedroom - otherwise when you sleep, your body is trapped in the mirror, like that how to get good luck ?

4) There should be no glass cabinet doors too in the bedroom - as glass is like mirror. same concept.

5) Ideally there should be no ceiling fan above the bed - as these acts as blades and cuts relationship then relationship between friends or colleages will not be good. Use wall mounted fan instead.

6) Never paint the walls dark blue or black - very morbid colours can lead to depression and stubbornness. Ever notice that if it is a boy's room then your son is very very stubborn ? just change the wall colour then that will do and use blue curtains instead. Time to negotiate with the child.

7) If still single and wish for romance then hang a painting of flowers on the wall directly opposite you, where you are sleeping. 

8) If you want money, then hang "money" - a painting of different currieries.

9) If you wish to grow your wealth, first keep a tall, metal tin box and fill it with coins and notes on your bedside table - so you sleep with "money" then your wealth can grow. In the old days, old men/ladies used to keep money hidden under pillow cases or hidden in metal cracker boxes. Same concept here.

10) Besides the bed and the cupboard to put clothes in the bedroom, a study table in the bedroom is important - so that the child can grow up to love studying and put many many books too.

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