Monday, September 25, 2017

10 Tips to fengshui your wealth area -

10 Tips to fengshui your wealth area -
1) Buy a water feature and place it within the wealth area. Usually 3 months later, you can see the results. A 2 or 3 step water feature has better results and the bigger the bowl that holds more water, the bigger the wealth. I usually recommend a green mat to be placed below the fountain in case the water splash. Actually water splashing brings lottery luck !   ;))))

2) In the wealth area, whatever item you put there, it will grow. So place a condo, bungalow photo or model car, a metal bowl full of coins etc. We also have 5 full metal bowls hidden inside the cabinet. 

3) If you wish to come home early, we place a small alarm clock and no digital clock because that don't work. hehe

4) Your name card standing should also be placed in the wealth area, so that your career will always be good.

5) A small model house made of clay is also placed in the wealth area so that one day, we can buy something like this, a nice landed property.

6) For those wishing to have babies, we placed a baby doll baby stature here. If the baby doll wears blue shirts, that means a boy and pink or red means a girl.

7) For single ladies or guys who wish for love and romance, we usually place real fresh flowers in a vase and placed them on the wealth table in the wealth area.

8) A model aeroplane is usually also placed on the wealth table so that we can fly frequently and the luagges placed in wealth area can also worked.

9) Different envelopes of different currencies are also placed in the drawers of the wealth table/cupboard. So that we can travel frequently.

10) Putting lottery tickets in the metal bowl of coins together with some dollar notes apparently worked for some. They strike lottery and one client strike Toto, one million dollars !!! ;)))

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Mark Joshua Santos said...

Awesome tips you have here! I'm sure this'll be very helpful for everyone. You can also check out zodiac Philippines for more. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!