Friday, September 29, 2017

20 Tips on when your bazi needs the fire element -

Photo taken this morning, 29 September 2017

20 Tips on when your bazi needs the fire element - 
Bazi is a form of life reading based on a person's English/Chinese birthdate, time, country of birth and sex.

1) Wear more dark red, pink, purple or orange coloured clothes to enhance the bazi so that your bazi is balanced. When the bazi is balanced then your luck will always be good.

2) The house should have warm yellow lights.

3) Your bedroom can place a nice table lamp or reading lamp when reading a book or reading from kindle.

4) Carry something red in the pocket for guys while for ladies can carry a red piece of paper like red packet etc and keep it in wallet or handbag.

5) Can smoke as smoking is fire.

6) Every month, go buy shares as shares is fire. We usually recommend them to buy REITS.

7) When it is a hot day, your luck will be good. That means that when it rains, your luck is not so good. 

8) When travelling overseas, you can buy back candles or bring a lighter back. You will need to collect  candles or lighters from 20 countries and label them and keep in your bedroom.

9) Every day when free, can light two tea light candles and placed them on the dining table as candles are of the fire element.

10) When you want money, get very very angry about it only then the money can come.

11) Do more exercise or running as exercise is of the fire element. The sickness here is the heart.

12) Wear red underwear always.

13) Wallet is red in colour and put more money in it. However, not everybody can put more cash in wallet. You try first, if cannot put a lot that means you belong to those who can only put maximum S$40/- in the wallet. We usually recommend that you keep one S$50/- note folded and hidden inside the wallet (cannot be seen) for emergency use. And don't ever flash your money in public or they will be gone.

14) Can carry a lighter with you every day.

15) For ladies, handbag is red in colour. For men, can carry a money clip but dark red or maroon.

16) Can wear a watch with red leather strap or a red or pink face.

17) Can wear red shoes, a bit weird but ok if with matching handbag.

18) Laptop or iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Blackberry or Huawei or others is red or rosy gold in colour or with red mobile phone cover.

19) Credit cards should also be red in colour.

20) When you receive gifts of incense sticks, cigars, cigerates that means you are getting money soon.

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Anonymous said...

What about wood.. I am weak yin fire

Unknown said...

Thanks Master Lynn, what about our Bazi needs metal? Any tips?