Thursday, September 21, 2017

8 steps to fengshui a room office -

8 steps to fengshui a room office -
1) The corner diagonally opposite the room office is the secondary wealth area - we usually place a "laughing buddha" standing there or some "auspicious" object.  For some, we would suggest that they place their 8R family photo there. So that their family would all get good luck all the time. For others, they would place a treasure chest there, more modern and not so "Chinese".

2) The wall colour and blinds colour should also follow the person'a bazi who is seated in this room.

3) If the person's bazi chart (a form of life reading based on his/her english birthdate, time and sex and country of birth) needs "wood"  element then we can place a tall, 3ft,  real, green leaves, potted plant in the room. 

We usually use money plant or iron plant with 5 trucks in a pot.

4) The room office should ideally only have one side glass windows and not two or three sides of the wall - this is because Qi (energy) cannot stay within the room then it means that this person can help the company "lose" money.

Usually the person who sits in this type of room office seldom sit for long.

5) If this person wants to have more "power" then we would place a golden Dragon beside his name card to give him/her power - this Dragon should be facing a wall or facing the window and cannot face himself in the room  (put wrongly) -

6) If the person's bazi needs "fire", then we usually place a warm reading lamp or table lamp within the room office - if they use a reading lamp then sometimes this reading lamp is shining at their name card (standing) and the Dragon beside. Great idea, isn't it !!!

Once a cable tv company did a documentary on a Company with me walking around the office carrying the Chinese compass, luopan. They also interviewed the MD of this company and this concept was introduced to the public then......and  is about 15 years ago already.

7) If the person is doing sales then we would place a frog or toad in the room office to attract more wealth to come into the room - So this frog or toad has to look into the room and then look at the window (to attract wealth from window into the room office)

8) Paintings are usually also used in room office - the type of painting used depends on the person's bazi. 

Once I went to do a fengshui check on a company and this big company likes to get an agency to display all kinds of nice, beautiful paintings on its wall. Once, I saw a padi field painting hanging on the wall of its conference room and I immediately told my client to bring that painting down.

It was a padi field painting where the padi is "green" in colour. .......meaning forever cannot "ripen".  Padi field painting is good for the company but the padi has to be bright yellow meaning ripen already.

So if it is hung there for 3 months, then how this company going to make money ? 

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