Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How to handle stress , the fengshui way !!!

 Steps to handle stress, the fengshui way !!!

Examine to see which item causes you stress ? Is it meeting with that person that causes stress or the stress came for the work that has to be completed within a fixed time frame or the stress came from the person always finding fault with you or the stress came from the mobile phone ?

A)  If it is to meet the person, face to face - first breath in and out 3 times, real deep first before you step into that person's room. During that meeting itself, whatever that person say to you, you HAVE to say "YES" and pretend to take down notes or really take down notes. 

B) If that person gives you work to do and that causes stress - then negotitate the dateline or tell her on hand what you are currently doing (sometimes bosses forget) and then ask which is more important first. If boss say both then do both and complete them before you go home or if can bring work home, then after dinner, sit down and work again.

You must learn to put the mind here at the present moment always and simply complete the work. Don't complain and Don't bear grudges that other people no need to do, but you must do. No....this is not the way. Once you can learn to love whatever work is given to you, work becomes easier to do or work becomes lesser and lesser.

C) If that person was finding fault with you when it is not your own wrong doing - not your fault - learn to keep quiet. You can try to explain yourself once, but if that boss of yours is not up to standard then this person generally don't listen to any explanation that you do. Then best solution for the time being is to keep quiet.

In life, some bosses who are nice and understanding will take your side. But most of the time, bosses generally have "fixed mindset" and are not open to listen to you. 

Then you tell yourself : When you are able to rise to her position, you would want to be a better boss than her. Then tell yourself, this boss will not stay long. She/he will leave very soon.

Then when the fengshui timing is right, your boss REALLY changed !!!  ;)))

D) If stress came from the mobile phone - 
First, always put it to silent mode, as you don't want to be always listening to that "sound" and that "sound" text or whatsApp can give you the "creeps" and STRESS.

Recently, I taught a lady client to tell her boss, sorry I am meditating. Give me 20 mins and then I will get back to you. hehe

Then use that 20mins to REALLY sit down and meditate your mind. You need to focus the mind so that this mind do not have many many thoughts coming to you and NEVER stop one. need to CALM down the mind.

It takes one year of sitting meditation before you can see any results. Every time, just sit. Sometimes, we can sit only 20mins, then so be it........but some days, we can sit longer.

E) Listening to music helps calm people down - so play those music that calms you down. For me, I like the sound of running they can really calm a person down. If you like this too, then play this when you need to calm down.

Or listen to it when you are meditating. This is good for listen to the music first, calm down .....then proceed to breath in and out and count as one.

Did you know that is such a job called Music Therapist ? I personally have met one. He came for a life reading. Sounds like a Great job huh ? well.........everything can explore. but most important is your REAL PASSION.

You've  GOT to discover your real passion then move foward !!!


Jacob Ang said...

Hi Master Lynn, just want to say a big thank you for this post and reading it helps bring peace to myself after enduring some frustration at work. May your posts be a constant source to help others find inner peace, tranquility and aspiration!

Lynn Yap said...

Hi Jacob

Thank you for the comment and I am glad to be able to help whatever I can. Stay tune !!!

Master Lynn