Sunday, September 17, 2017

When your husband's bazi clashes with yours -

Today, 17 September 2017 (Sunday) - 1929 hours - A lady client made these the day before and gave them to me today.......I am so touched and nice to eat too. Ai Yoh....not suppose to say "nice" or "not nice" I should have "no self".

Once you are aiming for "no self"....there would be many things that you have to remind yourself on what can do, what cannot do and what can say or what cannot say. Why do we do this ? so that we can achieve SAMADHI as according to Shurangama Sutra Volume 6.

She strike 4D, First Prize, yesterday - you remember that I shared with you about a lady who saw me chanting the Shurangama Mantra out loud at this Bedok void deck.....and she didn't disturb me and then when I finished, I dedicated merits to all and especially to her.

Well, last night she whatsApp me saying she did what she was told ...on what numbers to buy so that she can strike the most money and so on Sat, she bought and won 4D First Prize but small small bet only.

I was happy for her......and lets hope there are more for her ;))))

from the lady who made the nice jelly ;)))

On Fengshui - There was a client who said she did not have much money left and so I recommended her to use a blue pail and add in air pump (buy from fish shop) with two tubes inside the pail so as to create more wealth to come to her. A few weeks later, this client strike lottery.

On Destiny Reading - There was a time when I told this lady to say the opposite to her daughter so that her daughter would do whatever she intended. And it worked and she was so surprised. 

I told her that it was because of the bazi clash between her and her daughter and that is how one should do in order to deal with this "bazi' thing. Otherwise, forever, you will be very upset and angry.

It is the same as - Example - whatever that you do, your husband will never appreciate or agree. 

This is also because of the bazi clash as well as if one is a "fire" person and the other is a "water" person. If you have this type of husband then learn not to say anything much or try not to share what you think the best. Less talk, more harmony ;)))

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