Sunday, October 08, 2017

10 Fengshui Tips on Ceiling Fans -

10 Fengshui Tips on Ceiling Fans -

1) There should be no ceiling fan above the dining table as the dining table represents career. If there is one now in your house then you can be sure that your career is currently not very smooth. Remove the fan.

2) There should be no ceiling fan above the couple's bed if not relationship is not good. Once the fan is removed, relationship will be better. If there is a need for a fan in the bedroom then use wall mounted fan or standing fan.

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3) For our brand of fengshui, we usually allow only one ceiling fan in the whole house and it is usually only for the living room.

4) The colour of the blades of the fan do matter. Ideally, no black fan as that is water and can give rise to troublesome matters happening or sickness.

5) The colours to use for the ceiling fan is white which is the best or very light colours.

6) The blades of the ceiling fan should be flat and straight.

7) There should be no curved blades on the ceiling fan. These are a "no no" in fengshui and can give rise to accidents.

8) For condos with a small balcony, sometimes, we allow a small ceiling fan there. Then that means that the house will have two ceiling fans. If not then, best is to use wall mounted fans.

9) There should be no ceiling fans in the wealth area and power/health areas.
a) Ceiling fan in wealth area - can disperser Qi there and hence wealth cannot stay.
b) Ceiling fan in power/health area - can disperse Qi there and hence no good health, always falling sick and also hard to get pregnant, if everyday when you go home and you turn on the ceiling fan.
10) The height of the ceiling fan should not be too low until can almost tough a tall person staying in the house or can use your hand to touch. This is a "no no"


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