Wednesday, October 11, 2017

15 Fengshui Tips on the Altar Table -

15 Fengshui Tips on the Altar Table -
1) The placement of the altar table depends on which God, one prays to. If the owner of the house prays to Guan Yin or Tah Peh Kong then these Gods need to look at the house and then face the window. Hence facing windows or the house main door is very very important.

2) Some living room or even the dining table do not have any space to place an altar table, then the next best place is at the balcony. This is the last choice and not the main choice as we need to respect the God.

3) If the God that sits in the altar table is a Buddha then Buddha usually sits facing east but it is not a must. Buddha can sit anywhere and even face a wall. Just make sure that where Buddha sits, he is not facing a fish tank as the fish tank has glass which is very reflective and it may look at Buddha is inside the fish tank and therefore will not be good for the family members that stay in the house.

4) If the owner can allocate a room for the Buddha, that is most ideal and the best.

5) Some owners pray to the Japanese God and therefore has their favourable directions to follow.

6) The height of the altar table should not be too high for the owner, it should be an ideal height for them to offer joss sticks or even just incense and water.

7) Lights on altar table are important as the lights there means that the God is bringing them to a brighter path.

8) The lights on the altar table are switched on 24 hours a day.

9) When the bulb blows, it is important to change them almost immeditately.

10) Some owners use oil lamp and these are good too.

11) There should be nothing empty on the altar table like an empty vase. This means an empty offering too although the vase is kept on the altar table, it still has an impact. Therefore the vase should be kept inside the cupboard.

12) Where the God sits, this God's image should not be seen on wine glasses in the living room. If the God's image can be seen in the glass then the family staying in the house do not have good fortune.

13) The God's image should ideally not be seen on reflective surfaces like glass or mirrors. There would be no harmony in the whole house, people are always falling sick and money is difficult to come in.

14) Sometimes, we place an Elephant God in the corner of the house diagonally facing the house main door. This God can bring peace and harmony to the members staying in this house.

15) Some people place their buddha pendants which they wear here on the altar table, it is alright to be placed on the altar table.


Juz Me said...

Master Lynn...i hv a glass top on altar table to avoid scratch marks or stain on rosewood. Is it not good and have to remove it? Please advise. Thank you.

M.Adrian said...

Hi Master. I recently bought a landed house and finding a hard time placing my altar. Is it ok if I place it next to my main door in my car porch? There's a small area that i can design and fit the altar in. Advice?

Lynn Yap said...

Hi Adrain
Thank you for the comment. The altar table is best placed on the highest level of the house so that no one can. walk over the God. If there is no other choice, then in the car porch is fine but the God is looking side ways. Thank you.

Lynn Yap said...

Hi, sorry I just saw this comment and that was like in 2017 ! OMG. I am so sorry.
Usually, we do not like glass on or sound the altar table. This is because the God's image can be reflected on them and therefore can affect the fengshui for the whole house. People living in this house is not so harmonious and health is not so good. So best is to remove the stain glass if it is reflective. Thank you.