Wednesday, October 11, 2017

20 Fengshui Tips for the Dining Table -

20 Fengshui Tips for the Dining Table -
1) Dining Table in the house represents career and the material in which one can use depends on the bazi of the owners. Example : if the owner's bazi needs "earth" element then the dining table should be made of marble. If the owner bazi needs "wood" element then the dining table should be made of wood.

2) The shape of the dining table ideally should be rectangle shaped, round , oval or square. No triangle shaped dining table is allowed.

3) The length of the dining table is quite important as it can mean whether your career can expand and grow or not. Therefore a 8 seater dining table is usually preferred. However most apartments here can't cater for a 8 seater dining table.

4) In that case then we will make do with a 6 seater dining table but we ensure that we eat in 3 places in the house and then we can have "3" dining tables.

5) If there is only one dining table in the house, the dining table should never be placed in the balcony. This is because it is empty below. Therefore the career would not be "solid".

6) The legs of the dining table do matters. Try to get those more solid legs and any material will do but not metal and shiny legs that look like mirrors. Do not get glass dining table legs as they break easily.

7) There should be no glass dining table in the whole house as glass breaks easily and therefore your career might not be good.

8) There should also be no glass above the wooden dining table. Remove the glass would be good for career.

9) We usually hang a nice crystal lights (chandeliers) above the dining table so that the dining table looks GRAND and therefore the owners career would therefore be very very good.

10) The altar table should never face the dining table.

11) Some people are open to the use of "Fu Lu Shou" and they are best placed here facing the dining table.

12) Diagonally opposite the dining table, we usually place a sit down laughing buddha so that the owners will always be laughing at the work place.

13) Any type of chairs can be used for the dining table and that include benches.

14) There should be even number of chairs at the dining table.

15) The dining table should never face a fish tank because there is glass there in the fish tank and therefore would not be good for career. Imagine having a plate of steamed fish and one can see fishes still swimming in the fish tank. Doesn't make sense right ? 

16) There should be no mirrors facing the dining table as the mirrors will reflect the career away. Big and small mirrors are never allowed.

17) The toilet door should never be opposite the dining table.

18) The dining table should never be placed directly opposite the house main door because the main door is a big "mouth" and therefore it means that someone will be eyeing your job at the work place. 

19) Shoe cabinets should also never be allowed to be directly opposite the dining table as it means "sighing" all the time.

20) Any painting that faces the dining table represent what can happen at the work place and therefore we place a yellow padi field with a farmer and an ox. If the padi field is green in colour then this painting is a "no no" because it means that your career will never be "ripen" because they never get to harvest the padi because the padi forever "green".

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