Saturday, October 07, 2017

20 Tips to fengshui your kitchen for a better career -

20 Tips to fengshui your kitchen for a better career -

1) The stove represents your career and therefore should be using real fire is best.

2) The stove ideally should be a 4 burner and not a 2 burner one in order that career is very good and can move up fast. It is like a car that moves on the 4th gear vs a 2nd gear. which is faster ? of course, 4th gear is smoother and fast.

3) The stove should face a wall and at the back is also a wall. This is the best position for the stove in the kitchen.

4) The stove should not face a window or the door of the kitchen.

5) The house main door should never be able to see the stove when standing at the house main door. if not there will always be someone eyeing your position at the work place.

6) There should be no sink, fridge,  washing machine or toilet all of the water elements directly facing the stove as stove is of the fire element. If you have this in the house, right now, confirmed that your career is not smooth. Solution is to shift away one of the items.

7) Diagonally opposite the stove is the fridge, washing machine or sink or even toilet is fine.

8) The kitchen represents career too hence the colours to be used in the kitchen are of the fire element and therefore can use red or orange.

9) There should be no blue, black and grey floor tiles in the kitchen as this is of the water element.

10)There should be no blue, black and grey cabinets in the kitchen as these are also of the water element. When the water element is stronger than the fire elements in the kitchen it means that career (fire) cannot go up. Water controls the fire and extinguish it.

11)There should be no glass panel used in the kitchen wall especially the wall behind the stove.

12) Matt metal finish wall at the back of the stove is prefered or use wall tiles like orange colours ones are good.

13) At night, leave a night light on in the kitchen as kitchen represent career, it is bright in the day time while at night, if there is no light in the kitchen, then it is dark. That means that career sometimes good and sometimes, not so good.

14) If you live in landed property and have dry kitchen  and wet kitchen, kindly ensure that the wet kitchen , the stove there uses real fire. If not, then place a charcoal pot there to represent fire and career.

15) Small condos usually use a electric stove, there is no choice, so kindly use a table lamp and turn the lamp on at night to have more fire in the kitchen so that career can be good and smooth.

16) There should be no mirror facing the stove in the kitchen if not career can be quite bad.

17) Floor mats or table cloth or cloth to clean the table should ideally be red, pink or orange.

18) Some people want a better career so they were asked to light two tea lights candles in the kitchen as and when they want to in order to have a better career.

19) Some people have a dining table in the kitchen, it is good to have one. It is good to have 3 dining tables in the whole house especially when your dining table is a short and small one.

20) Some clients were asked to paste an upside down "fu" on the wall directly opposite the stove for better luck. Every year, we change a new upside down "fu".

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