Thursday, November 23, 2017

10 Fengshui Queen SG tips for the coming Chinese New Year of the Dog, 2018 !

Photo taken today at Holland Close
10 Fengshui Queen SG tips for the coming Chinese New Year of the Dog, 2018 !
1) We usually buy a "Chun" Chinese character and paste on the house main door to welcome the Chinese New Year and to bring us Good Luck all year round.

2) On Chinese New Year, the husband would give the wife a long "Chye Sen Yeh" (God of Fortune)  Ang pow of S$168/- to wish the wife, Good Fortune for the coming the new year. And the wife will do the same to the husband.

These red packets cannot be spent. They are to be kept forever or until the cash box is full then they can take some away to be banked in.

3) Every year, we change the 8 frozen mandarin oranges that are in the freezer compartment of the fridge. If this year, you strike toto first prize or any particularly good luck then leave two oranges back in the freezer and change only 6 mandarin oranges. 

And these mandarin oranges have to have plastic wrappers on them then count. And not those wrapped in pink coloured paper.

4) The coming year of the Dog 2018, Li Chun is on 4th February. Therefore, we would all wear red dress or red blouse or red shirt and go Bank to deposit money. This Chinese Tradition had been started by me for over 15 years...........and each year, we deposit a bit more and more.
It started when I share them in my "Predictions" talk, yearly with participants. These are the people who started to bank in money on Li Chun until everyone start to find out about it.

You can find my "Predictions 2008" at

So this coming new year of the Dog, try to take cash out, one or two weeks before and then on Li Chun, then go and bank in.

Some of my clients do not spend away the green S$5/- note then on Li Chun then they go to the bank and deposit cash in.

Some kept their 4D winnings money then on Li Chun Day then they bank ALL in ;))))

5) It is important every year to buy new clothes to wear for first day of Chinese New Year ! In the old days, we had new shoes, new socks, new bags and everything new. However, people tend to cut cut the tradition until new clothes also don't buy. This is no good. 

It is important to buy new clothes to wear because it means that every year we will have the money to buy new clothes ;))))

6) Each year, we order one "Kum Quat" (4 seasons lime) and 2 Chrysanthemum flowers (gold ingots) and have them delivered to our house. It is important not to carry them back. Best is delivery. 

This means that someone is giving you gold and good fortune for the coming new year !!!

7)Then these plants ideally is kept inside the house for the first 15 days of Chinese New Year for us to "Huat" then on the 16th day then can bring outside the house or to be thrown away.

8) Some of us carry stacks of cash, tied with a red rubber band in the zip of the handbag. Therefore, every year before the Chinese New Year arrives, it is best to change all the notes to "new" ones for another year of Good Prosperity. Don't keep the same old notes as that is not good, ok ?

9) For the guys, they keep cash in the wallet......usually is about S$300/- (total 3 pieces) and they need to change to new notes before the Chinese New Year. By new notes, I do not mean the crispy new new notes. as long as it is another piece of note, can already.

10) For those in own Business, each FIRST day of the Lunar New Year, they had to go to their office to switch on the lights, on the computers and send greetings to customer (pretend to work) and switched on air con too as this means that they START work already.

The concept here is : the early bird catches the worm.
Meaning that : whoever is more hard working will be able to make more money than the rest of their peers.


Anonymous said...

Hello Master Lynn, when is the best time to change the oranges? before 冬至, before 立春 or before chinese new year 16/2/2018?

How bout the rice throw it before 冬至? cos think the chicken come and eat the grain..haha(half packet of the grain spilled out)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Master Lynn guided for new year. i want ask you about the oranges the best time is 4/2/2018 to bring 8 oranges put in black plastic and
move them refer that ur means.