Thursday, November 23, 2017

18 more Fengshui Queen SG tips for the coming Chinese New Year of the Dog, 2018 !

18 more Fengshui Queen SG tips for the coming Chinese New Year of the Dog, 2018 !

1) Every year, it is good to go to the Bank to change into new crispy new notes or those as good as new also can. There is good fortune in doing so. So it is a must to do so in our Chinese tradition as this means that Good Luck will come for us in the coming new year.

Some of us change new S$2/- notes, one stack and keep it forever. They don't spend. Keep in safe box at home and let it grow yearly. Some keep the new S$5/- one stack and don't spend. If you can, better keep one stack of new S$50/-s and don't spend .........can ? Keep them in the big safe at home.

2) It is also important to have reunion dinners before the first day of Chinese New Year as this means bonding among family members and that too gives rise to merits and that can translate into good fortune to later part of the new year.

3) It is important to have a plate or a bowl of variety of goodies, tit bits etc for visitors to eat so that you can get merits by giving people "food" to eat. This means that your career will be smooth.

4) It is good to give visitors drinks so that the whole year round, you are not thirsty at all. Always have drinks to drink.

5) It is best not to eat Sour Plum on the First day of Chinese New Year.

6) It is best to say Good Things or Good Words to everyone on the First day of Chinese New Year.

7) It is not good to Cry on First day of Chinese New Year.

8) There is No Need to observe if first day is lucky day means the whole year is a lucky day. But it is important to observe your luck on LI CHUN Day. If it is good.....means it is going to be a smooth day. ok ? It works like this...... and on TONG ZHI day which is 22 December 2017 this year.

Only these two days need to observe. Other days no need.

9) The first 15 days or Chinese New Year, do not shift house, or get married etc and don't go for surgery unless very very urgent.

10) It is not good to scold people on first 15 days of Chinese New Year. If you do that....the whole year will not be good and no smooth. Watch your mouth and your temper !!!

11) Yu Sheng is good to have during Chinese New Year reunion or Company's function for Celebration  to welcome the new year just like Westerners have Champagne for Celebration. Just don't eat too much. hehe

12) It is good to go Full Day vegetarian on FIRST DAY of Chinese New Year so that the whole year is going to be a smooth smooth year especially next year for those born in the Dog and Dragon year.

13) It is also a tradition to give red packets during Chinese New Year. This is the best time to  "Pu Ze" when you give nephews and nieces red packets, silently think that you are giving them Good Fortune for the whole year.

The concept here is : the more you wish others to be lucky and rich....the more they come to you. This is how the Universe works. Therefore you need to be generous in order that Good Luck can come to you.

If you are selfish and think of yourself only. The luck cannot come to you because your mind and your heart is NOT OPEN. No good ah.

Then when you give your parents, it is best to kneel down in front of your parents and give thanks to your parents. This has "filial piety" and got merits de. Can bring you Good Luck all year round. Then there is the long Chye Sen Yeh ang pow. so if your parents like to gamble a bit of 4d or toto those kind, then give parents the long Chye Sen Yeh red packets will mean that they every time can strike toto or 4d. They will be so happy........and all year round, happy de ;)))))

14) It is also tradition to paste Chinese New Year decorations inside the house or in the office to bring about good energy too.

15) The real dogs as pets will tend to sleep more or be more cranky in the coming new year. Just "sayang" them more and take note of their behaviour can already. If you can't help it then bring them to the Vet. Looks like the Vets are going to be in good business in the coming new year !!! :)))))

16) It is also tradition in Chinese to play Chinese New Year songs on radio at home and in the office. This creates the mood for SPRING.........the beginning of another new year.

17) Some people like to watch movies during the Chinese New Year , Yes that is good provided you don't watch a scary movie on First day of the Chinese New Year or a sad sad movie on the First Day of Chinese New Year.

18) When visiting relatives whose condo has a swimming pool, make sure you go and touch water or those whose bazi needs wood, go and touch relatives "Kum Quat" or leaves of a plant.........pretend and say : "Wah so nice eh" ? .....then mo mo the Kum Quat or the leaves

Just don't get scolded for doing so..........or even if relative say you.........inside your heart must "smile"...........then you are OK !!! 

In this way, you are learning how to ignore other people's comment about you. This is also "siew sin" ;)))))

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