Sunday, February 04, 2018

How is your day on Li Chun ?

Today, 4 February 2018 (Sunday) - is your Li Chun ? For far so good lah ! Went to parents' place to have vegetarian lunch and opened the two hampers and chit chat with Lhamo's parents.

Vegetarian Lunch

Then Lhamo went to deposit cash just like everybody and then went to office as one of her buddhist friend bought her a big Tee Chang Wan and was delivering it today. Now this huge Tee Chang Wan is on the altar table at First Centre. When you next come to Lhamo's office, you can see him and can pray to him too if you wish or give respect to him :)))))

Then Lhamo came home to watch Venerable Hong Bok's "live" dharma teachings in KL but we can see him speak "Live" via Facebook until the session ended. Then Lhamo went to do meditation and then decided to update the blog ;))))

Here are two more pics which clients WhatsApp me :

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