Tuesday, February 06, 2018

What to do with the 888 uncooked rice ?

Hi..........last year, "Fengshui Queen Singapore Tip 2017"  was to : Carry 888 uncooked rice in a red packet for good luck. So the Rooster year is ending.........therefore many asked what do we do with the uncooked rice ?

The Answer is - to bury the 888 uncooked rice together with the red packet into a flower pot or garden. Must bury them as they already contain a lot of negative energy that we don't want. That's why we cannot use them and cook. wait lua sai........haha 

Hope that Rooster Year had been fine for you and now we await to welcome the year of the DOG !!!! Bark Bark until the stock market crash liao......

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Anonymous said...

So this year stock market will be bad?