Saturday, April 14, 2018

My relatives at cousin Sonny Yap’s daughter wedding recently !!!

Yap Family : My Cousin, Benny Yap

Lhamo's Dad looking handsome with his white long sleeve shirt !!!

Uncles, Aunties, my cousins From left at the back row : Charlie Yap and his wife, Sonny Yap and his wife, bride and bridegroom, Irene Yap and her husband and Benny Yap)  Dad in centre. My grand parents had passed on and therefore my parents, Dad (number 3) and Mum are now the ELDEST,  most respected persons in this Yap Family. Therefore every year on first day of Chinese New Year, our house at 100, Jalan Kuras would be most crowded.

Lhamo brother, a medical doctor with his family and our relatives including the bride and bridegroom !

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