Saturday, April 14, 2018

On 5th April, Came to Space@Kovan and place this salt lamp in the wealth area -

the power of salt lamp

On 5th April, Lhamo came to Space@Kovan and place this salt lamp in the wealth area (bedroom side) then went downstairs to try the new massage shop downstairs. Had to carry the access card, keys etc but quite fun for me and squeeze in cash in my pockets in denim skirt bought from Lazada SG. 

Not bad..........but had to wait for the lady to come and do the one and half hour body massage. She had strength is what Lhamo wanted. hehe

On 6 April Saturday, property agent, Aimus reported having receiving many many inquiries about this unit Space@Kovan for rent and even one came for the viewing to buy, though Lhamo had set at a high price.

There were 4 viewings on 6 April like so hot like that. 

Then by 7 April Sunday, this unit was rented out already for a one year lease to a Singaporean couple waiting for their new flats to be ready. Eventually the rightful tenants would come.

The lease starts 29 April 2018. 

Now need to go back to Space@Kovan to bring the stuff back........

Want to buy salt lamps ? go Lazada Singapore.

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Ceron said...

Dear Master Lynn,
Can you please share your knowledge and the use of salt lamp?
Thank you.