Friday, May 25, 2018

4 words or 6 words, you choose, they are the same and can be used to chant !!!

Most important is to chant ......even one time also good because it forms the "seed" for the next life time to remember Amitabha Buddha.

So sometimes when Lhamo meet Grab Drivers who ask about my Shurangama Mantra in Sanskrit which Lhamo play when waiting for her Driver.........then Lhamo would take this opportunity to tell them to chant "Ah Mi Tio Fo".

Lhamo say it tactfully and - to say that Lhamo chant "Ah Mi Tio Fo" so that they can also chant it when they are driving.......

FSQ Note : Lhamo do not use the word "I" as this is to avoid become self centred. Hence the teachings of "no self" "I". Then can become Buddha mah !!!

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