Friday, May 25, 2018

Lhamo intends to sell her office unit at First Centre to cash out !!!

FSQ Note : Lhamo bought this office space at First Centre in 2010 or 2011....cannot remember. Price per sq ft is S$440/- for a 635 sq ft office space (S$280,000) and now intend to sell at S$660/- per sq ft (S$420,000) making a small profit. 

It's not the profit that is tempting...the tempting portion came from the savings inside this cash out as Lhamo  planning for semi-retirement.

Some client WhatsApp Lhamo said cannot retire wait he got no one to consult !!!

Lhamo also felt that she had to do it in the next few years still working but semi retired especially from next year onwards.

Lhamo wants to go away for two months for self retreat. But Lhamo also worry that once in deep meditation......Lhamo go to Amitabha's Pure Land liao then don't come need to plan everything carefully and nicely.

First plan - Sell all 3 properties, cash out (right timing).

No property in name right ? then buy one and keep for her two sons. Make a will to will it to them, 50% each........just like her cpf, also 50% cash to be given to them. Nomination done yesterday at Braddell Heights CC.

Lhamo no need a place to stay. I go stay at temple and shave off long hair..... like that can go Amitabha's Pure Land liao. Every now and then stay at temple loh.......until become Buddha or "nie. pan" 

Some people go cruise for several months.........also can. Retirement mah. sounds good and cool ;))))

Lhamo's Q number yesterday

Lhamo is very grateful to the person from CPF who ever came up with this idea of mobile CPF that led Lhamo to constantly keep that leaflet in her handbag so that whenever Lhamo had the time, Lhamo can go down to CPF to get this done. 

This is the first Lhamo's first nomination........since starting work in 1982......prior to that ever do tempt jobs after PreU from CJC............. Thank you so much !!!

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