Wednesday, May 30, 2018


30 May 2018 - It was a beautiful day, yesterday as Lhamo head down to Hillview Terrace calling a Grab car. 

Lhamo didn't know what to expect there except that the weather was really cooling and as Lhamo sat on the second level...there Lhamo had a chance to meditate there while waiting for client to come. As you would already know....that Lhamo is always early.

This couple client attended my NUSS talks every year and they followed those general tips that Lhamo would give at the end of the talk : Fengshui Queen SG Tip .........Then the lady client shared with me about her experiences on the first time she heard about the 8 mandarin oranges and she bought 4D thinking that 1688 would be a nice number because she had two fridges so she put 8 and 8 oranges into each fridge and she strike 3rd prize !!!

The male client is also from NUS, 1980 batch while Lhamo was from 1982 batch. Enter time is Singapore University.........Lhamo was very proud of it but graduate time is NUS !!! Well.....did'nt matter. It's not the degree. It is what you did with the degree that counts !!!

The male client is already 63 and considered retired but he do some business to keep himself occupied. can image how old Lhamo is now ...........right ???

Don't worry......Lhamo will tell you when is her last full time day of work. After that...probably still working but part time only.

At that time, she was not yet my client but she followed and this tip sealed her trust in Lhamo. Are Trust won or earned in this manner ? Lhamo don't know......

Lhamo only knows that whoever call for Lhamo to help........she will give her best best !!!

Later in the afternoon, Lhamo headed down to Havelock Road to meet another client.......Nice new HDB Flats here !!!

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