Sunday, May 25, 2008

"To each his own"

Today, I drove my BMW to my parents home in Sembawang Hills Estate, a mere 15mins away from my investment house and then drove back. I love the music today on radio FM 90.5 and anyway when I drive, I would "sing". ahem.
Then, I went down to Sheraton Towers coffee house for some "meetings" and then home. that wraps up my work today and yes I work 7 days a week.
At Sheraton Towers as usual I ordered my glass of house red wine and today I also ordered a Heinenken Beer. Of course I only drink this beer in public for reasons best known to us. hehe. On the table you can see my Mont Blanc Gold pen that is about S$1000/- which I use for life readings n fengshui work and my Mont Blanc black diary where I write all my schedules. Pretty good luck, you know ? hehe
PROPERTIES: Last year in 2007 the year of the pig, many people became instant millionaires because of the rise in propery value of their house. take for example : myself. I bought an investment house in 2003 for S$900k and today if I wish to sell it for S$1.3million, I would be able to pocket a cool S$400k profit. let us not complicate the bank interest rates etc. but CAN you see the RISE in "property value" and how it can increase our own "net worth" ? I also made money from my Ubi Teckpark office. I was really amazed when I take out my calculator and started to count.
This is why I always advise couples who see me for their "life readings" to first buy their "first property" and then sell and move on to increase their own "net worth" till they reach their first one million.
I am alot wiser now and in 2007 I had a client who bought a penthouse in Cainhill Road for S$3million in 2005/6 and today the price is worth a cool S$12million. if he sells the property he would have been able to pocket a cool S$8million. Now - this is what I call "wow". and I intend to find the best best property in the low low period like this penthouse to buy and then wait for the pig year 2019 to sell and hopefully to pocket just S$5million and I start looking around NOW.
SHARES: There is no market today but then we can do our homework and study and find "new stocks". no, I did not buy Wilmar although if you did, you would have made a pile and remember I said go for the "WOOD" industries : they are the best and with the highest and fastest price rise for 2008. "EARTH" industries too are good.
The reason why I did'nt buy any is because the total value of all my shares already total close to S$90k and I am not prepared to invest more dollar into the stocks. I prefer to wait and see as I still need to raise my funds to fund my new apartment in Bangkok by Dec 2010. I cannot over commit.
This is Life and Finance : We have to strike a balance and to keep to two years of expenses always in the bank and don't touch. I really learnt alot about balancing my money after I committed to this landed property and I wish to share whatever knowledge that I know about property to anyone who reads this BLOG.
TIP: "Learn to talk less and LISTEN more. there is more to learn from others and being silent than to be talking all the time"

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