Sunday, June 15, 2008

Curiousity got me interested in the art of fengshui

Today, I went to ubi office to do 2 life readings and then to Bedok to do a HDB fengshui.

BLOG: What makes a successful BLOG. I guess 1) the traffic. the more people visit the BLOG then the more successful 2) the revenue generated from the BLOG 3) content : interesting read/ informative something that people wants to read. something that can make people come and visit you everyday. 4) Comments by the public 5) Poll 6) Awards

PREDICTIONS: "Period 9 Fengshui starts from year 2024 to 2043 and it will be everything about the "eye"" this means that more and more people will take out a camera and start to shoot. the camera can be so small that they are so well hidden that even your pen can have a camera.

FENGSHUI: There are many fengshui masters out there. It ultimately depends on how you want to do this business and how clients perceive you. TRUST is a very important factor in this business.

The "5 yellow" occurs in the "North" this year and hence most earthquakes or "bad things" will occur in the "North" like China and Japan quake last saturday. Sickness is in South East this year. we use the Equater as the divider. Anything northern hemisphere is "north" anything below the Equater, southern hemisphere is "south". be careful. North also refers to the "male" hence more "accidents" will involve them.

PROPERTIES: The HDB property market seems to be moving well. however, I believe the 2nd Quarter of 2008 will show lower caveats lodged than 1st Quarter.

SHARES: STI close at : 3036.92. Yes !!! another accurate prediction. the other one is Obama win, remember ??? hehe. well are you getting ready to enter.....??? I read somewhere that commodities stocks are a good bet to buy now and must remember to exit by 10 years later cause the bubble will burst by then for the commodities market. Jim Rogers said that in a recent interview. those who buy unit trusts or funds on agriculture, do take note.

TIP:"Ask questions all the time when you don't know however if you notice that the person is annoyed then it is time to stop asking your questions"

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