Thursday, June 12, 2008

Examine yourself everytime in order to improve

Today, I went to check fengshui for a HDB flat and also to do 2 life readings and then to do an office fengshui at Ubi area and then home.

Countries compete for "foreign investments" while Companies compete for customers in the same market share. Some small and medium size companies should compete for customers in "overseas markets" would be better and in order to go "venture overseas" you will need to have very very good "relationship bonding' with these partners so that businesses can be sealed over dinner and drinks or even while playing golf. it is like a "who you know" then you will get the business.
PREDICTIONS: "Hillary Clinton will soon write a book about her trials and tribulations to the white house"
PROPERTIES: I read in the papers that the first Quarter of 2008 saw 850 caveats being lodged and of which 111 are landed properties. foreign buyers or permanent residents form some 27%. if we take 850 x 4 then the total "predicted caveats" for the whole of of this year 2008 would be some 3400 caveats and I believe this is very low figure when compared to last year's. I wonder how much sales in Sing dollars have been transacted for the 850 caveats then multiply that by 4 would give you the "Property industry"'s revenue in millions or billions for this business.

SHARES: The share price of Golden Agri is coming down and once it hit around 85 cents to 89cents should be a good entry level. if you are a "newbie" and wants to earn some "pocket money" start buying this stock or any other that you may choose and buy 5 lots or 10 lots. if you are a "seasoned player" then can go in for 20 or 30lots.

BLOG: I have submitted my BLOG for BLOGGERS CHOICE AWARDS under the category of "Best Blog about stuff". Vote for me ok ?
Today, a client asked me : "How does it feel to be BLOGGING ?" I replied: "I felt like talking to myself". BLOGGING to me is to write about what my insights are and what I do each day and I hope to bring about a "different perspective" towards "fengshui masters" like myself, chinese, Asian, female and Singapore born.
TIP: "Every child has a talent. discover it and help groom your child into a STAR. most important is : to make sure he is happy"

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