Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing is impossible if you only ask

Today, I went to Woodlands industrial park E1 area to check office fengshui and then to Ubi Office to do a life reading and then home.
Once home, my tv is turned on to channel 107 and watched till 10pm sometimes changing to other 106, 108 or 48 channels.

This BLOG is very very public and hence all sorts of people will read about it, be they, believers in fengshui or non-believers.
FENGSHUI: Never place a Dragon in the wealth area and that the Dragon is looking at your pond if not the fengshui will not work. these Dragon can be found on your gold ingots, ok ?
Last night, it rained so heavily at around 10pm on "the street where I live" near to yio chu kang that the tall tree outside my house shaked and moved and I love the fresh qi of "rain" and "wind" outside my window. it's simply.... beautiful, relaxing and awesome !!! I hope it rained again tonight.
PREDICTIONS: "The US economy will be quite bad soon and by next year even worse"

Countries will be competiting with one another and companies too will competing and so it is very very difficult to do a business. What happens ? "Clients' Loyality" will COUNT and it's not just "competitive advantage" that your company can offer to any client, it has to be MUCH more than that in order that deals are closed. "Do your business with sincerity". it helps.

PROPERTIES: There are all sorts of property agents out there and when I wanted to sell my "E-centre at redhill" in year 2005 I make a pact with my agent that I will only pay him 1% commission which amounts to about S$3k as versus S$6k that I have to pay as per normal. I get him to agree on this first and once it was agreed upon he set out to sell that unit for me. the "E-centre at redhill" was bought in my name and not using company name as compared to Ubi Techpark. I would probably make more money if I had hold on to it and sell in year 2007........but at time I had a PA and a Chauffeur and a Camry to pay. I wasn't that savy. I spent my money all over.................My thinking changed after I bought my "investment house" in year 2003 and since then my "financial knowledge" grew.
Now..... without the PA and chauffeur you can imagine how much more I am saving each month now vs then and can you imagine if I were to tell you that my car loan for the BMW vs Camry I am actually paying less per month, would you believe it ? but it is true.
The money that is now from the sale of "E-centre at redhill" is still with me. I make sure that I still have that amount, no matter what. I share with you, my personal experiences so that you will know how to sell your property next time. Can bargain one, you know ? and get an agent who can if not, I can recommend, my agent.

Most people think that owning a BMW or a Mercedes is out of reach for them. however I would always tell them to please go to their showrooms and test drive the car and then get their car salesman to help you "figure out" how much you will need to pay for the car and oh my !!! you will definately be amazed cause you can AFFORD it.

SHARES: One can see that shares not moving much these days probably most people rememberd the BIG down of last year in the 7th lunar month period and hence they are also watching and waiting.

TIP: "Read the newspapers and analyse and THINK. You will GROW"

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