Monday, June 23, 2008

I sing my own song

Today, 24 June, Tuesday as usual, I went to work at my Ubi office.

BLOG: This morning, I signed up for GOOGLE ADwords so as to drive the traffic to this BLOG. the last few afternoons that I was home, I was actually reading up on other BLOGs and how to profit from it and to see what other people write about and how they arrange their BLOG. I have to do my own homework.

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: There was once when I was doing FS for a client's restuarant. I told them to sell and specialize on crabs as I know most Singaporeans love crabs. then one fine day they showed me the advertisment that was going to be placed on a light box. The crab turn out to be "green" in colour and I said : "no". I told them that I had never seen a logo of a "green" crab with red outline that made it BIG. besides it looks uncook so how to make money ? they later changed it to redder one and their business has been booming.

About FS for logos again, there was once another restuarnt that wanted to use a "butterfly" as their logo and I said : "no". same reply : "I have never seen a restuarant that uses a "butterfly" logo that made it big".

ON DRINKING WINE: Many times when I do life readings with clients I would ask them to start learning how to drink. why ? would you ask me. it is because when one drinks, the drink relaxes the person and so the person would be less tense and then words would be more free flowing especially between couples or for those who have too much fire elements in their bazi (a form of life readings based on their birthday and time of birth). so I do encourage many couples to drink together. it really helps in the bonding.

ON HOW TO DRINK: When someone has poured some wine into your glass, the first thing to do is wait for the host. if after waiting for 10mins and the host did'nt want to toast with you then you gently take the glass of wine and bring the wine close to your nose and smell for a while. 2secs will do. count 1 and then 2. then you drink. that way you will look more professional like a expert on wine drinking but actually you are not.....well, maybe you are.

It is just like having a meal : when there are dishes on the table and there is a soup there. one should take the spoon and sample the soup first before taking any other food. it looks more professional this way.

ON LOTTERY: I know many of my clients love to play ibet. I give you two tips. ibet on : 1325 and 1133 and you won't loose money. small small also good is it ? I was told they love the "winning feeling", so this one is for you. GOOD LUCK !!!

TIP: "It's not the song but the singer" quote taken from my book on fengshui: Questions 101, printed in 2000.

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