Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To THINK out of the box is like looking at the same problem from a different angle. try fengshui, it helps

Today, 25, June 2008, I went to ubi office as usual and in the afternoon pop over to Parkview Square own by Mr. Li Ka Shing at North Bridge Road to visit an old friend, Nancy who did the massage for me for two hours. The spa there is called :"kooj". to book call : 6299-6733

PHOTO: This photo is taken this afternoon with her. I also inform her that I will put the photo in the internet and people would call her. I told her to be prepared. I have known Nancy for a few years already when she was at Beauty Place, in CK Tang. Her mobile is : 9338-3857
BLOG: Blog is actually easier to create, to do and then to see results than a normal website and is also not personal. somehow that "personal touch" is missing in a normal website however with a blog, that closeness between the person who blogs with his or her readers are there. Advertisers would usually love a blog that has the most readers which can run into 10,000 readers per day. for it to happen the blog may need to be in existance for a couple of years. Advertisers also look for the age group of the readers of any blog. Now, are you READY to blog ?

In order to drive traffic to this BLOG, I placed a small ad in GOOGLE and activate it this morning at 5am and till now at 5.20pm, already had 20,067 page impressions and if you click on the advertisment I get to pay GOOGLE. the ad only started today, 25 June 2008. let's see if this works, after two weeks and since most BLOGs use ads by GOOGLE you may see my ad there and also in GOOGLE's search engine. I am now number 5 at the top, not bad for a beginner.
ON FOOD: The best food to me is anyone who took the trouble to cook for me. that to me : is the best food ever. Oh and make it : no beef, no mutton, no pork, no sotong.
ON FENGSHUI TIPS: The first method that anyone can first get into touch with fengshui is : to look at where the wealth area is in your house. it is usually the place where you would feel the most comfortable and that anything that you place there will GROW and of course one would need to buy a fountain and activate the wealth area so that one will have constant luck. if one does not use water then why call it "feng" and "shui". it is therefore about the use of water - be it real "running water" or "still water" and how anyone can understand the indepth of fengshui and then use water to activate it.
The SOUND of water is also very important in feng shui, the art of which has history that dates back as far as 5000 years ago in China. This is just a small part of fengshui. there are many other factors to consider when "checking" fengshui.
FENGSHUI: I do not like mirrors in the whole house except that they can be hidden behind wardrobe doors but I like mirrors outside the house and especially the round convex ones so as to bounce off anything that we, fengshui masters don't like and to make them "disappear" like magic.

ON LOTTERY: Someone just sms me today saying that 1133 is all sold out. er.....you have trouble buying ?? I don't buy lottery or shall I say very seldom.
ON LOGO: Someone also sms me asking if a cactus is ok ? this BLOG is what I call : super fast result ?

TIP: "Life is too short to get angry over many matters, learn to forgive and then to forget, you will be alot happier"


Yoong Kheong said...

Saw your ad but i thought it would be a fengshui blog?

The Savy Investor said...

Yoong Kheong

Thank you for your comment.

I already have a fengshui website at www.fengshuiqueen.com and this BLOG is about : Lynn Yap, the savy investor and wishes that all readers to this BLOG would also become savy investors too.