Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Listen to what everyone around you is saying about you

Today, I went down to Amithaba Buddhist Centre (am their lifetime member) at 44, Lorong 25A, Geylang for a recitation of the Golden Light Sutra and just finished and am now home. I am also on a vegetarian diet today but got wine later. hehe

Strangely enough I only tune in to Starhub's channel 107 on my tv on weekdays and continue to follow those serials most of whom I had already watched before so it is like a re-run to me. it is ok.... as I am not actually my computer is on and am working.

What is my main purpose why I set time aside today ? I went down to do it specially for my 2 children's good exam results as well as for good health and happiness for my family and also for all my clients. while there I met a few good friends and we chattered for a while. we were also planning to travel together for a December retreat.

FENGSHUI: On the 1st day or 15th day of the lunar month is always an auspicious day to do anything and that includes moving house or pasting 6 one dollar Singapore coins on the wall above your main door (inside your house eh ?) this is because any "wrong action" done by you will be reversed into "something good" because that day itself is either the 1st or the 15th day. this is a secret.

PROPERTIES & SHARES : I have nothing to comment today.

TIP: "When one donates for charity, give it willingly from your heart and don't bother what they will do with YOUR money"

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