Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bring your mind to the present moment, everytime

Today, I went down to do a house fengshui review and then to ubi office for 2 annual reviews then home.

BLOG: On 20 May 2008, I started to BLOG. It was in the Strait Times about how bloggers earn an income simply by blogging that caught my eye. I was curious and wanted to discover for myself how much people can make by BLOGGING and to test it out, I had to BLOG. so I started one that way I can also give "good advice" to my life reading clients and those who wanted to earn a part time income - by BLOGGING and also to share with my readers about the life of a fengshui master, my thoughts daily no longer weekly and about my investment strategy. so this BLOG is about me - Lynn Yap, the savy investor.

One of the reason why I blog was : About a month ago, a client, Jumbo sent an sms saying that my website is not updated. I replied that the "weekly thoughts" there is updated "weekly" but he said nobody knows. I did'nt reply further as I knew that I was going to give excuses for myself why I didn't update my website and I wasn't about to start a chain of sms s. and hei that cost money.

Whenever I have a small problem. I would sit on it. But then I would THINK whenever I can on how to solve. the days went and passed.

One of my thoughts was : should I call my web developer, Mr Gan that I wanted to add more content or what ? then one fine day came the article on the Straits Times. the rest is "history".

So what is going to my topic ? so I recken that it is going to be about me and my investment strategy if there is any........and that is how "The Savy Investor" is born. then I ask myself am I that SAVY ? I am not a financial analysts or a banker or a stock broker. I am just someone who simply got lucky by just following "simple fengshui rules" - "always buy a good fengshui property so that one never looses money". Well......I guess I will write about them and I am MOST PASSIONATE about sharing. I even told you how much I bought my house !!! hehe

You know ONE thing ? I never follow what other fengshui masters do. I just follow my HEART - that burning passsion to want to "SHARE" as I discovered from my clients that they don't know how to borrow money from the bank and which bank to choose and so I wanted to write about what I did and how I can share with readers to my blog. I believe it has been most informative to many readers as I received many comments immediatey from a client who was in Bangkok at that time and that he found time to give a comment over at my yahoo mailing list - a group list where clients regulary write to me and other smss that I received. thank you all for your feedback. I will take note.

Why do I think I am a SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER ?

Two things: a) The total number of highest traffic is achieved on 17 June with 206 visitors. now everyday always about 200 visitors.

b) Revenue is now at : over S$30/- and it come from Google, Nuffnang, and Payper post.
Oh and they would be declared as my "other income" and I intend to donate these money away as I don't need them. I have to inform my accountant when I next see him and when I receive my first paycheck. I don't know if I am the fastest Blogger ever to make money in a month or the one with the most traffic only after 30 days of BLOGGING........ hmm.......well, my fengshui works.........and anyhow it won't bother me if I am not.

What MATTERS MOST : is whether my readers benefit and feel entertained especially by my "rat story". one thing I realise about Blogging is : My personality comes across and people start to know me and how free I am or how busy I am. hehe. Me ? now a Professional Blogger ? yeah and why not ? and I can go out and teach people how to start your own blog and make money on-line !!! I got track record now.
My next step now is : To drive my traffic up and I will work on it.
MY PASSION: I just wanted to bring the art of "fengshui" to the next level which is : that we become "savy investors" in Singapore. It is the best country to make money from shares and properties. Agree ? and the form of coummunication now is everyday and thru a BLOG.
BLOG: Are you READY to start one now ? how to start ? CREATE a content that you are passionate about and that you can write everyday without fail. if after 6 months you will be "sian" (hokkien) then don't do this topic. if you are very successful you can even earn a decent income from the advs and then you can stay at home and have more babies.

PREDICTIONS: "BLOGGING will be the NEXT BIG thing in the world of Advertisers"

Magazine will soon be launched here in Singapore called "Bloggers" and advertisers looking for a new way to reach out to consumers will soon do so and this is where you GET to earn your money. so you better start to blog now and you can leverage on me. I will add you in my page.
FENGSHUI: Many companies are using "fengshui" as a tool to competive advantage. just look and count those very successful companies and ask them if they had ever consulted a fengshui master. even if you are a non believer, give it some thought.


PROPERTIES: People are buying properties. I already have two foreigners buying properties and fengshuied the first half of this year. got more coming.......

SHARES: I am waiting to enter and I know I always loose money.

TIP: "Train your mind by making it calm then you can see further"

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